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PRESCRIBE Brings you a WhatsApp based healthcare chatbot solution!

Trusted by 100+ hospital chains across India

Whatsapp Chatbot

Trusted by 100+ Hospitals across India

Powerful WhatsApp Chatbot
for Hospitals, Clinics and Individual Practioners

give virtual care to patients through whatsapp chatbot

24x7 Virtual Assistance to Patients

Our Whatsapp chatbot willl help you answer time consuming queries, recording the details of the patient automatically

increase your patients through whatsapp chatbot

Increase Your Patient Inflow

Increase patient inflow in specialities such as dermatology or sexology where patients are conscious to talk face-to-face

increase your patients through whatsapp chatbot

Increase Your Revenue and Brand Awareness

Boost your Google my Business Ranking and increase brand awareness in your city

Multiple Language Support

Unlock the power of WhatsApp Chatbot

Our WhatsApp Chatbot is helping Doctors across India to automate their boring task and focus on providing better healthcare services.

our Healthcare WhatsApp Chatbot is suitable for all specialities!

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Why Healthcare Practitioners

Mrinal Joshi
Mrinal Joshi
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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At this juncture of my career, I decided it was time for me to use my experience and give back to the society and Prescribe is helping me with that seamlessly. It provides a very easy to use way to contact which is helpful for my rural patients. My service includes reaching out to rural pockets digitally and cut down on the excessive money they are forced to spend on transportation. Keeping in mind the kind of purpose I have, it is important for me to be able to reach out to as many people as possible so that they can avail my services. My heartfelt gratitude to Prescribe for helping me in the cause.
Nandini Verma
Nandini Verma
Palazhi Ayurveda Chikitsalayam
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My earlier experience with teleconsultation was a little chaotic. There would be a lot of back and forth between me and my patients for payments, follow ups, prescriptions etc. This is why I was in search of a holistic platform and my search finally ended with Prescribe. I am extremely happy with the platform as it helps me streamline the process. It also reduces the need to depend on any other service or assistance as it has everything right from the point of contact to the final service of my customers. The platform is also very user-friendly.
Suresh Kodangat
Suresh Kodangat
Head of Operations, Nadakkavil Hospital Pvt Ltd
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When we decided to add a tele-health component to our Practice, I made a comprehensive search and choose Prescribe because it is simple to use for our doctors, No app installation needed for patients is a real plus! The receptionist load of manual handling of online payments & appointments reduced significantly and even elderly patients started making online bookings. The fact that it is Whats App based, guaranteed to us that we can put our hospital & pharmacy services on every patients phone just as easy as sharing a number How do you beat that?

200M+ People use
WhatsApp in India

And we are here to  provide an Easy & Affordable solution to Hospitals, Clinics and Individual Practitioners of India to get online through WhatsApp

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