Looking for efficient means to increase revenue of your hospital during COVID-19? Just follow the 3 ReQuiRed techniques!

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The 3 ReQuiRed techniques

1. Recent advances

Gone are the days when the patient had to wait in long queues for his turn. With everything becoming available in the blink of an eye, not only patients but the health professionals also want the basic work to be done swiftly.

Telemedicine sector is expected to reach up to $32 million by the end of 2020 in India.

Express Healthcare report, a leading business news magazine
Patient doing online consultation with doctor

It is evident that having a facility of tele-medicine in your clinic or hospital is the need of the hour. Investing in the upcoming innovations and being at par with the counterparts will definitely boost your revenue.

Now days, companies like Prescribe offer services with which the patient can book appointments and receive a digital prescription, all from the comfort of his home. From the doctor’s point of view, innovations like these are a sigh of relief. They can now consult patients and get a pre-filled case-history sheet online.

This reduces the extra work load for the receptionist and sometimes even saves on the salary of extra staff.

To know more about the government of India guidelines on tele-medicine, visit here.

2. Quality of patient service

Quality of patient service

According to the great Hippocrates, to do no harm’ is the fundamental principle of any health care practise. With the growing population and increase in demand of health care professionals in every field, from dentistry to Ayurveda, it has become difficult for the concerned professional to keep up with the load.

It is human to make errors which unknowingly affects the quality of service being provided to the patient. As a consequence of this, patient satisfaction takes a dip.

Though this problem cannot be rectified completely but recent inventions in the field of HealthTech have come to the rescue.

Prescribe and other online based technologies offer to interact with the patients in their regional languages. They offer an option of customisable chatbot to provide novelty to every clinician and hospital. With sensitive information being stored on online, security and privacy of data becomes essential.

Apart from the inventions that are happening every day, it becomes imperative for us to keep ourselves up to date. Decreasing the work load on health professionals can increase their efficiency to many folds. Keeping in mind the needs of the patient, clinics and hospitals should continuously work on ways to improve patient satisfaction.

3. Reduce

As quoted by Jon Elster, ‘reduction is at the heart of progress in science’. Today, we aim at achieving maximum benefits with the help of efficient and quick ways. At clinics or hospitals we try to limit or reduce unnecessary expenditures on materials and revenues.

Certain new innovations such as, Prescribe, help us to reduce on the staff expenditure by providing 24×7 virtual assistance to patients. Patient can now buy medicines online with an online pharmacy operated buy the respective clinic or hospital.

In this way the hospital can increase its revenue by improving the brand marketing. By using such cost-effective and efficient ways a 20% increase in patient follow-up has been noticed.

With intelligent investment and provision of premium services any hospital or clinic can improve their revenues by adopting the ReQuiRed techniques.

Your Knight in Shining Armour!

With the launch of the National Digital Health Mission by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on 15th August, 2020, we, at Prescribe bring to you an easy way to digitalise your clinical practice and thereby increase patient generated revenue.

Prescribe has been trusted by the pioneers in the field of healthcare, time and again. AyurVAID, India’s first NABH accredited Ayurvedic hospital, Kottakkal AVS are just a few of the 50+ hospitals that have chosen us.

Our goal at Prescribe, is to provide a level of digital adoption to every private practitioner and small- scale clinic in this country.

Prescribe, an IIT-M and IIM-C backed health-tech start-up aims at an efficient WhatsApp based patient management system.

Some of our note-worthy features include:

Take your pharmacy online
Save on staff recruitment
Increase patient follow up by 20%
24×7 virtual assistance to the patient
Ease of booking appointments from anywhere
Tele consultation available online and in-person
Security and privacy enabled
Generate digital prescription
No new app installation required

Prescribe has worked tirelessly since 2018 to deliver premium artificial intelligence enabled software suite. We strive for the betterment of healthcare community and patients, everyday.

So what are you waiting for?

Take your hospita online with Prescribe

To experience this remarkable product, book a live demo today!

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Dr. Lochan
Dr. Lochan
Dr. Lochan is a dentist who is currently pursuing her masters. She is also a writer, poet and debater. Lochan has won numerous literary awards and strives for artistic excellence. She has head research forums and is constantly looking for innovations in the field of healthcare. Lochan has collaborated with various UN and government of India initiatives for the betterment of the society.

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