How to set-up a virtual clinic in India – A step by step guide 2021

How to setup Virtual clinic in india
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A virtual clinic is a planned contact by the healthcare professional responsible for care, with a patient for the purposes of clinical consultation, advice and treatment planning, online.

With the highly advancing healthcare industry, virtual clinic is still an upcoming branch in Indian healthcare. Many doctors and hospitals are becoming a part of this trend by adopting virtual clinic for their practice.

Virtual clinics can help healthcare professionals to consult patients from any part of the world but also from rural India, where there is a dearth of specialists and healthcare facilities.

Virtual clinics also augment existing on-site clinics by on boarding more doctors online. Not only does it ensure a smooth transition of patient from virtual clinic to real clinic without any loss of medical history but also enables transfer of patients across different specialties.

Virtual clinics also help in cross publicity of clinics and hospitals by referring multiple doctors. Setting up a virtual clinic is as simple as creating a WhatsApp group and can be done with ease. The healthcare school batchmates can now join hands and work together on the same platform.

Virtual Clinic – a boon for patients, doctors/hospitals and society

Benefits of Virtual Clinic for Patients

Benefits Of Virtual Clinic To Patients

The innovation of setting up a virtual clinic in India is a boon for both the patients and doctors. Patients can now easily,

  • Move to the real clinic/hospital of the doctor involved in virtual consultation in case the virtual consultation requires in-person check-up
  • Consult specialists/super specialists available on a single platform
  • Instantly access qualified doctors, specialists, super specialists
  • Minimise cost burden and uncertainty in disease management
  • Consult a plethora of healthcare professionals without having any geographical constraints
  • Save money and time spent on transport
  • Get real time status of booking
  • Conveniently pay online
  • Retain the digital prescription with no fear of losing it
  • Get follow-up and medication reminders

Benefits of Virtual Clinic for Doctors and Hospitals

Benefits Of Virtual Clinic To Doctors And Hospitals

Doctors and hospitals too, can experience the benefits of setting up a virtual clinic, such as,

  • Consult patients across the globe
  • Provide a 24×7 virtual assistance to the patient
  • Increase patient inflow in specialities such as dermatology or sexology where patients are conscious to visit the on site clinic
  • Overcome the dearth of manpower especially in times of COVID-19
  • Increase revenue and have more doctors onboard with no physical constraints
  • Form a better doctor-patient relationship with frequent calls and follow-ups
  • Personal branding of the hospital/clinic
  • Generate digital prescriptions
  • Pre-acquire the patient’s case history and other details to save time
  • Reduce load on the manpower by digitally recording the details of the patient
  • Make the patient comfortable to discuss the query over text than call
  • Have a spectrum of specialists under one umbrella
  • Easily refer patients and transfer records online
  • Access past records and decrease the average consultation time
  • Safeguard themselves from the unnecessary viral/bacterial exposure
  • Work from the comfort of their home
  • Take their pharmacy online over telemedicine apps
  • Expect less probability of no shows

Benefits of Virtual Clinic for Society

Benefits Of Virtual Clinic To The Society
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With the patients and the healthcare professionals reaping the fruits of virtual clinics, the society on the whole can also take advantage of this upcoming trend in the healthcare sector.

A virtual clinic can,

  • Prevent patients to resort to quacks and unscientific treatment
  • Help in early detection of disease thereby reducing the social burden
  • Partially mitigate the crisis of non-availability of specialists or super specialists in semi-urban area
  • Reduce overall cost of burden on public health care system
  • Provide security with respect to sensitive information

How to set-up a virtual clinic in 7 simple steps!

Here is a step by step process on how you can setup your virtual clinic in 7 simple steps.

Step 1: Fill the registration form

The healthcare solution providing you an opportunity to set up your virtual clinic will ask you to fill up a basic form which will contain your professional information.

Step 2: Form a team

Post providing your details, you will be required to form a team of doctors or health care professionals who will be a part of your virtual clinic. in case you are in death of certain specialists, the health tech solution may provide you some doctors which you can incorporate in your team.

PS – The doctors can be residing in any part of the world and still be a part of your virtual clinic!

Step 3: Send details

After your team is ready, you can send in your medical/dental or any other healthcare registration numbers which will be affiliated to the government of India councils. Other details will be acquired by the healthtech solution to complete the last bit of formalities.

Step 4: Your virtual clinic is ready!

Your virtual clinic will be ready in a day or two and now you can begin with your online practice.

Step 5: Send clinic link to patients

In order to have patients on board you can send out advertisement or send links to your already existing patients to experience the virtual clinic. Read more about digital marketing strategies for HealthCare.

Step 6: Consult online and send prescriptions

A virtual clinic is similar to an on-site clinic except a few differences. The patient will now contact you using a phone or PC. You can easily consult patients online and generate digital prescriptions. In case you feel that the patients require an in-person consultation, you can now ask the patient to report to your on-site clinic/hospital.
There has been a steep rise observed in revenue of clinics and hospitals who have adopted virtual clinic or e-clinic based practise. With a hospital on boarding around 30 specialists on an average, a single doctor can on board 20 specialists via virtual clinic.

Step 7: Track consultations using admin dash board

With every feature under the digital roof, it becomes easy to track appointments and consultations with the admin dashboard provided by the health tech solution. From patient history to prescriptions, everything will be digitised hence improving the efficiency of the clinic. To read more on benefits of digitisation in healthcare industry, read our blog.

Your best choice for virtual clinic solutions – Prescribe

India, now has a multiple health tech solutions that offer the facility of virtual clinic. One of such software suite is Prescribe, trusted by some of India’s largest hospital chains.

With its spectrum of features, Prescribe aims to provide a level of digital adoption to every private practitioner and small- scale clinic in this country.

Prescribe has worked tirelessly since 2018 to deliver premium artificial intelligence enabled software suite. We strive for the betterment of healthcare community and patients, everyday.

The AI enabled solution is at your service with a fixed subscription and a no commission model. Prescribe is the future of e-clinic and is not far from revolutionising the digital healthcare market in India.

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