Four Efficient Digital Marketing Strategies in HealthCare: Target the Right Audience at the Right Time!

Is digital marketing just another fancy word or is it something that health care professionals should focus on? The question, why and how digital marketing should be made a part of the regular healthcare practise needs to be answered. For that, the essence of what digital marketing is, should be understood. What is digital marketing? … Read more

Looking for efficient means to increase revenue of your hospital during COVID-19? Just follow the 3 ReQuiRed techniques!

increase hospital revenue

The 3 ReQuiRed techniques 1. Recent advances Gone are the days when the patient had to wait in long queues for his turn. With everything becoming available in the blink of an eye, not only patients but the health professionals also want the basic work to be done swiftly. Telemedicine sector is expected to reach … Read more