8 Apps Healthcare Professionals Must Use!

8 Apps Healthcare Professionals Must Use
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With the end of the first score of the 21st century, we have seen a tremendous increase in innovations and inventions worldwide. Be it in the public health sector or individual practice, healthcare professionals have widened their horizon of knowledge like never before.

Everything is being digitized now, from ordering food online to attending weddings, this pandemic year has made us experience some never imagined before scenarios. Who would have thought that teleconsultation would see such a boom in just a few months? With the immense improvements in the profession, it is essential for health care professionals to work towards holistic growth and development.

It has been estimated that the average time spent on our smartphones is around 4 hours and 30 minutes. We are slowly trying to make a shift from ‘time spent’ on the phone to ‘time well spent’ on the phone. For this to happen, we need to segregate our time wisely on apps which we are using.

Here are the list of 8 Apps which Healthcare Professionals Must Use

1. Drugs.com

This app is comprehensive and highly recommended by healthcare professionals. It helps us to easily lookup drug information and check for drug interactions. It has a drug listing arranged in alphabetical order and also a personal medication record option.

There is also a Q and A section where we can enter our queries. It has a phonetic search as well, in case we aren’t sure about the spellings of the drug.

It is a must-have app for busy professionals which saves time of both the patient and doctor.

Download – iOS and Android

Cost: Free

2. Medical Dictionary by Farlex

Since college days, healthcare professionals have been using this tool all the time. It is considered a bible in this field. Imagine having it at your fingertips all the time!

This gives you instant access to more than one lakh medical terms and fifty thousand audio pronunciations. It is useful for professionals from all disciplines and areas of healthcare. It even allows you to share definitions over social media with your colleagues and friends.

A beneficial app for all, from a medical student to a practising clinician comprising more than a dozen medical dictionaries and encyclopedia sources.

Download – iOS and Android

Cost: Free

3. Medscape

One of the leading online destinations for physicians and healthcare professionals, Medscape offers the latest medical news and drug-disease information in a single click. It gets your questions answered by trusted experts in the respective field of medicine.

Get access to 400+ medical calculators and look up the most current prescribing and safety information. You can even earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOC points on-the-go and monitor your progress with their in-built activity tracker.

Download – iOS and Android

Price: Free

4. Daily Rounds- for Doctors

Rated the best doctors’ app by GSF-NDTV, this app is an advertisement free app. It is a clinical case-based app for doctors and medical students. Carefully curated cases are at your disposal by a team of 120 doctors. The cases are chosen by an editorial team and are helpful for physicians in their daily practice.

Multiple specialities are covered, and the cases presented also help in preparing for various examinations such as USMLE, NEET PG and MRCP. The cases are presented in a journal like manner which help you solve them easily. It allows healthcare professionals to share their cases and learn from their colleagues.

Download – iOS and Android

Cost: Free

5. WhatsApp Virtual Assistant

Not just apps, health tech sector now offers AI-enabled software suite.

PRESCRIBE, which is based on an already existing and popular app, WhatsApp to provide services like telemedicine. Chatbot based health care solution is one such means which helps professionals to reach out to maximum citizens at one time, something that is not humanly possible.

Prescribe helps you to create a fully functional auto-reply virtual assistant robot that can:

  1. Provide a 24×7 virtual assistance to the patient
  2. Schedule appointments
  3. Answer general patient queries related to doctors or hospital
  4. Send status updates and reminders to the patients
  5. Self-triage patient’s disease based on the symptoms entered and provide a differential diagnosis
  6. Allow customizable templates to cater to different specialities
  7. Multilingual
  8. Generate digital prescriptions
  9. Provide an option of taking the pharmacy online
  10. Provide security with respect to the sensitive information

Read more about benefits of WhatsApp chatbot.

It helps you create a mini website on WhatsApp by sharing information like contacts, about, addresses, patient testimonials and much more. Even if you lack resources to build one Prescribe helps you have one on WhatsApp. You can even share the virtual WhatsApp receptionist contact number instead of your own with the patient. Get Google reviews and much more with Prescribe by your side.

It is rightly said, ‘All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl’. All of us need some time off, where we can work towards our personal growth both physically and mentally. Here are some apps which help us do so!

6. Aura

An app where mindfulness meets artificial intelligence. After a tiring day at work, all we need is relaxation and peace of mind. This app gives you just that. It reduces stress and increases positivity through three- minute meditations and much more.

It provides short and sweet, science-backed, personalized mindfulness exercises every day to make you happier. You can also track your mood, learn about your mood patterns and visually see yourself improve.

Take a mindful break wherever needed and get daily reminders for mindful breathers. Express gratitude as a habit through daily reflections. 

Download – iOS and Android

Cost: Free

7. Nike Training Club (NTC)

Don’t have the time to enrol yourself in a gym? Bring the gym home. This app helps you stay fit even at home with minimal requirements. From essential Yoga flows every day to big workouts for small spaces, explore from a variety of options on this app and choose to stay fit.

It also offers body-part focused workouts targeting abs, core, arms and glutes. Flexible workout timings range from five to sixty minutes with different levels from beginner to advanced. Plan your workout with training plans and chase goals in a doable and fun way.

Download – iOS and Android

Cost: Free & paid plans

8. Sticky notes + Widget Memo

With an increase in workload and limited time in hand, we tend to forget things. Instead of looking for a pen and paper next to you, now use this app and remember things-to-be-done on time. An easy to understand and access app provides a platform to quickly jot down pointers for future reference.

It comes with a home screen widget and cloud sync feature. You can even share notes and customize the fonts. Organize notes in folders and sub-folders for ease of access and protect confidential items with passwords.

Download – iOS and Android

Cost: Free

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